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Unqualified Heroes is the first episode of the I'm Standing on a Million Lives (anime).


Yūsuke Yotsuya a normal yet bored of his mundane life in Tokyo. Eventually, he is transported to another world where he and fellow school mates, Iu Shindo and Kusue Hakozaki. The group is then meet by a mysterious individual known as the Game Master who gives them a quest that they must acquiesce.


Surrounded by a large horde of Goblins, Yūsuke faces off against them all head-on. His inner dialogue notes how he prefers to fight alone and how he despises the people living in Tokyo.

In Tokyo, we see Yūsuke walk to school and his interactions there as well. Late that night, Yūsuke plays an RPG game. Although he enjoys playing it, a board with writing and a picture of him in his youth on it dampens his delighted mood. Yūsuke then searches for something on his smartphone.

The following day in school, Yūsuke is in charge of cleaning the chalkboard. With him in the classroom is the most popular and athletic girl in the school Iu. It's revealed that the previous night Yūsuke looked up Iu's information on his smartphone. As Yūsuke cleans the board, he sees Iu talking with another girl in his classroom named Kusue. Once he's finished cleaning the chalkboard, Yūsuke is reproved by his teacher for not turning in his future plans form. While the teacher continues his reproval of Yūsuke, he notices that Iu and Kusue are still talking with each other. Wanting to go home and continue playing his game, Yūsuke finishes up his conversation with his teacher.

Finally done with cleaning the chalkboard, Yūsuke was going to tell Iu and Kusue about locking up for the day. However, he comes to find out that the two are already gone. A butterfly net then drops on the ground in the back of the room as a little girl running and giggling could be heard in the back of the hallway. It's then that three stick figures and drawings of fully bloomed flower heads are drawn on the chalkboard. Just as Yūsuke tries to process this new incident, he's transported into another world.

From there, he's first met by his classmates Iu and Kusue. Abruptly then, an individual known as the Game Master appears and gives the group a quest. The quest entails fulfilling a quest for the village chief within a 14 day period and they show a list of the quest objectives. The explanation now finished, they're assigned their individual combative roles by the Game Master. Iu is a Wind Wizard, Kusue is a Sword Knight, finally, for Yūsuke a roulette wheel is spun by the Game Master and it lands on Farmer. This revelation disheartens both Iu and Kusue.

Later, Iu explains to Yūsuke how she was first transported there, and after she completed her quest the Game Master instructed her to do another quest. For the next quest, Iu recruited Kusue in the real world under the Game Master's request. The sequential request by the Game Master was to be alone with Yūsuke. However, that was hard for them as Yūsuke was being lectured by his teacher. A flashback shows, Iu teaching Yūsuke how to equip any weapons in his inventory which are simply a hoe and sickle.

Venturing through a forest, Yūsuke finds a "Log Point" and is given an explanation about it by Iu. Touching the Log Point, Yūsuke sees a heart to heart moment between Iu and Kusue, concerning how incapable Kusue is as a fighter. This gets Kusue very flustered by its revelation. Soon, the group is ambushed by a couple of goblins. With his scythe in hand, Yūsuke charges at them, only to have his weapon broken by the goblin's club. Up next is Iu and her wind magic, which proves to be just as ineffective against them. Therefore, Kusue and her swordplay is next, however, she's far too timid to do anything effective against them as well. Yūsuke then tries to use Kusue's sword himself, but is unable to due to it not being assigned to him. Using his hoe, Yūsuke charges at the goblin, but his other weapon is also broken and he dies as the goblin club is smashed in his face.

Now a naked and transparent ghost, Yūsuke looks at his fallen body. After 30 seconds pass by Yūsuke returns to his body and Iu explains that to him. In cooperation with Iu's Wind magic, Yūsuke impales a Goblin with his broken hoe, but dies in again in the process. Thanks to Yūsuke slaying the Goblin, the group completes their first objective of slaying a Goblin. Curious as to know, Yūsuke inquires what would happen if they all die? Iu answers that they'd all die for real, in real life then.

That night, the group make camp in a rocky area and plan on visiting the village near their current location. Learning that his weapons will take 5 days to regenerate, Yūsuke asks what rewards will be given once they complete their quests. This is because the Game Master told Yūsuke to ask the girls. In turn, they reveal that they're only allowed to ask the Game Master a single question and detail what they asked him and the response given to them. Yūsuke then decides to go out on watch duty first and during it, he slays a horde of Goblins. Hearing his name being screamed by Kusue, he returns to the camp to see Kusue missing her legs from the waist down and her left arm. The monstrous culprit is a large horned beast that had Iu in his grip. Warning Yūsuke to run as the monster is far too strong for them to beat, it bites off and eats Iu's head. Following Iu's advice, Yūsuke flees the scene.

The next day, by the riverside where they first entered, Yūsuke and Kusue are shown to be alive, however, Kusue's hand hasn't regenerated. Kusue believes that it's because her hand was eaten by the monster. Disconcerted by this fact, Yūsuke believes that Iu won't revive as she was eaten by the creature they encountered. Left with no other alternative, Yūsuke makes the executive decision that they need to forget about Iu and ignore the monster. This is done in favor of meeting with the village chief and completing his request.

Upon arriving in the village, the two get a more than warm welcome from its inhabitants as they're called the "Heroes". When meeting with the village chief, he explains that their task is to slay a Troll that has rampaged throughout their land. It's also the same creature that killed Iu and bit off Kusue's hand. Although perturbed by the revelation, Yūsuke goes to train himself so he could "Rank Up". Kusue tries to join him, however, Yūsuke argues that it'd be better if she stayed in the village as she'd only get in his way. Leaving Kusue behind, Yūsuke thinks how much more exciting the place is than Tokyo.