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This City I Hate So Much is the second episode of the I'm Standing on a Million Lives (anime).


Shindou and Hakozaki are unable to revive after being eaten by a troll. In the midst of fighting alone to raise his level, Yotsuya is upgraded to a ne job class: Chef. He uses his new job skills to save the two girls, and the three of them finally defeat the troll. Their reward is a glimpse of what the world will look like after they complete all ten quests, and the scene they see brings a certain thought to Yotsuya's mind...


Yūsuke Yotsuya heads into the forest to look for goblins and raise his level. He finds a log point and sees the girls talking about who their third member would be and to be someone they like. Yotsuya is surprised to learn that Shindo spoke of him, but he sneezes and is stops the log point, making him unable to see the end. He finds a spot from which he can see the village and is reminded of his past. He sees some goblins nearby. After beating them and raising his rank to 9, he gets a notification about Kusue Hakozaki dying and sees the village is burning. He returns to the village but sees that Hakozaki isn't reviving and realizes she must be eaten. Yotsuya sees another log point and checking it, he sees Hakozaki practicing with her sword and explaining to a kid that in her world she is sick and can't exorcise, but here she wants to get strong and help, and not just being a burden to everyone. He then sees the troll attacking and how Hakozaki stays behind to slow it while the villagers escape, but ends up being eaten.

The troll then appears and Yotsuya starts to run. He successfully manages to dodge his attacks, but eventually the troll starts to catch up to him. He sees an injured goblin that managed to escape him from before and kills him, raising his rank to 10. The time then stops and the Game Master appears. He spins the roulette, allowing him to pick another job, but ends up getting another rare job, Chef. Yotsuya is disappointed but is glad he got a knife now. Looking at the troll, due to his new job he gets internal knowledge of the troll. The time resumes, but using his knowledge, he attacks the troll's stomach and opens it up, causing Shindo and Hakozaki to be able to revive. Having figured the troll's jumping pattern and making him tired from all the jumping, the group engages him, but they keep dying over and over. Looking at the troll's stomach wound, Yatsuya comes up with a plan and charges into the hole and stabs the troll from the inside. That prevents the troll from moving for a moment and gives Shindo time to get on its back and blow wind directly into the troll's head and kill it. The Game Master appears and congratulates them. Shindo is disappointed her rank went from 3 to 5, while Hakozaki from 1 to 4, yet Yatsuya's Chef rank went from 1 to 5. Yatsuya gets to ask the Game Master a question. After some thinking, he asks what they will do after they clear the tenth quest. The Game Master shows them a bit of the future, where they prepare to face a large dragon. The next moment, they all wake up in the normal world. Shindo then heads out for her practice and asks Yatsuya to get Hakozaki home. As they walk with Hakozaki and reach the station, he sees the building on which the dragon appeared and realize that if he abandon his quest, the city he hate so much will be destroyed.