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Help Me is the third episode of the I'm Standing on a Million Lives (anime).


After being told by the Game Master to hit on a certain girl, Yotsuya sneaks into the girls' restroom of an unfamiliar high school and saves Tokitate Yuka from being bullied by her classmates. Tokitate turns out to be the fourth party member. When she's summoned into the other world, Tokitate develops a deep admiration for Shindou, whom she sees as much stronger and prettier than herself.... but Shindou also has a past that she can't tell anyone about.


Game Master calls Yūsuke Yotsuya, telling him that he must hit on a specific girl and the success on their next mission depends on it. Following his instructions, he heads into a different school and in the girls bathroom, he sees three girls bullying another. Seeing one of them is filming while they are trying to undress the girl, he is afraid that if the video leaks online, the girl may end up killing herself and he may fail his mission and die. He then proceeds taking the phones from the girls and breaking them. Walking the girl home, she explains the girls were getting back at her as she and one of the girls stream and she said something about her and they came to get back at her. When she says she is fine and Yotsuya casually tells her he will leave then, she stops him and tells him about a WonSta game that trains male idols and that if he do one of those guys do, it will be it may be a modeling practice for him and then she runs. Yotsuya realizes she is otaku, but ends up playing the game, although he feels he wasted his time. In the next moment, Yotsuya, Hakozaki, Shindo and the new girl that Yotsuya saved, Yuka Tokitate, get teleported in the other world. The Game Master appears and spins the roulette, making Tokitate a fire wizard. He also informs the group that the revival time is increased from 30 to 40 secs and gives them their new quest: to traverse 5% of the map and deliver the goods to Radodorbo.

Tokitate calls Yotsuya a pervert and explains how they met and that she later spoke with the girls whose phones where broken and they guessed he was a pervert that came to install hidden cameras. The group splits in two and Shindo and Tokitate go together. Tokitate explains that she always attempts a behavior that won't result in she being bullied, but as she screwed this time, she tried to blame Yotsuya, figuring they won't meet again and bond with her classmates who tried to bully her. Continuing to talk with her, Tokitate is impressed of Shindo and how she state she will stop a bully when she sees it.

They reunite later to call it a day, but then a giant bug falls down in front of them and a centipede comes out of it. It instantly shoots pillbugs that kill Yotsuya and Shindo. Tokitate sees this as an opportunity to shine and be the magical girl she always wanted, but as she activates her magic and being rank 1, she only makes her wand a bit hotter and then gets killed. Yotsuya revives and wonders why the girls keep their distance from him and treat him as pervert, even though he saved Tokitate. As he recalls she gave him advice on how to be popular with girls, he realizes he may not be popular with girls and is just a loser. He gets angry, but as Shindo stated she liked one of the Yotsuya's in school, he decides to wait and see which one she meant. Using his Chef skills, he starts killing the pillbugs. He then gets on the centipede's back and starts cutting its legs, making it unable to move. Since they can't wield other people's weapons, he asks Hakozaki to hold her sword with her and together they kill the centipede, raising her rank to 6 and his to 7.

Shindo dreams of her past and how she beat a boy for making her mad. She then met Sayuri, an older girl who told her she shouldn't do it and they became friends, but one day Sayuri dies in an accident. She wakes up and sees Yotsuya lifting weights. Yotsuya realizes she acts a bit different than usual and asks her about the time in the log point where she cried. Shindo grabs his hand and asks him to help her.