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Kavhel of Cortonel is the fourth episode of the I'm Standing on a Million Lives (anime).


The party heads toward Radodorbo, a village far to the west, to complete the latest stage of their quest. However, Shindou is captured by bandits on the way. Tokitate and Hakozaki want to save her, but Yotsuya just wants to hurry on, so the three of them end up parting ways. Yotsuya then enters a martial arts tournament in Cortonel in hopes of winning some horses they can use, and there, he meets a woman knight named Kahvel.


Iu Shindo tells Yūsuke Yotsuya how she was the bad kid in the kindergarten, but all changed after she met the older Sayuri. However one day, from all the bullying, Sayuri jumps from her balcony and kills herself. In elementary school, due to being Shindo's, a punk biker daughter and having two troublesome older brothers, the teachers had grudge on them and treat her badly, but her friends always stayed on her side and helped her. Shindo learned that her friends are her strength and she is responsible for changing her own world. When she came to this world, everything was taken from her and she was alone. As she doesn't want to die in this world, she requests Yotsuya to help her and he agrees.

They visit the village they saved from the troll, but its all in ruins. A traveler passes and explains that the village had always been abandoned since he started traveling this area five years ago. Yotsuya realizes the time passes differently in this world and theirs. They ask his about where Radodorbo is and the traveler explains its on the other end of the continent and will take 30 days with horses to reach it and triple the time on foot. He informs them there is a martial arts tournament in Cortonel and the rewards is three horses. They decide to level up before heading there, but get attacked by bandits. Yotsuya injured one of them, but then the Game Master states that he detected a human attack and lowers Yotsuya's rank by one. Realizing that, Yotsuya tells they shouldn't fight them and tells everyone to run. They manage to escape, but see Shindo is missing and guess she was captured. Yotsuya explains that finishing the quest is more important and suggests they split, he will enter the martial arts tournament while Hakozaki and Tokitate try saving Shindo. However the girls end up being captured as well. Meanwhile, Yotsuya realizes he is alone again, but manages to level up and gets a chance for a new rank and end up being a Creature Wizard.

Yotsuya enters the tournament, but ends up being killed in five seconds by Kahvel the knight. Kahvel reveals to be a girl and is glad that Yotsuya came back to life. Yotsuya explains that he needs to reach Radodorbo and asks if he can help her in exchange for the horses. Kahvel agrees if he help her defeat some monsters, a troll for a horse, but wonders if they can find one in five days. He wonders if bandits are fine and knowing where his teammates are on the map, he gives the knights information about where they can find the bandits camp and earns one horse. Having time before they head towards the camp, Kahvel proposes to train Yotsuya with the sword and he agrees.

At night, they head towards the camp and surprise the bandits. Having no choice, the bandits open a cage and release a Berserker. Kahvel engages the Berserker, stating that she loves slicing flesh and had finally found one that she can continue to slice over and over, pointing at Yotsuya, but now wants to cut some Berserker flesh. Kahvel is about to lose, and Yotsuya realizes he can use persuasiveness of his creature magic and tells the berserker someone will kill him from behind. The berserker turns and slashes at his back, but see there is no one. He then kills Yotsuya, but that gives Kahvel an opening and she cuts the berserkers head. They save the girls and Yotsuya explains he lost in the first round of the tournament, but managed to get one horse. Kahvel then makes a proposition that she will escort them with some of her men, but in exchange, she will keep their horse when they reach Radodorbo and she will train the four of them with the sword.