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What a Life Is Worth is the fifth episode of the I'm Standing on a Million Lives (anime).


Yotsuya has succeeded in saving the other party members with Kahvel's help. Kahvel agrees to accompany them to Radodorbo if they'll allow her to train them in swordsmanship, since they are the players and therefore can't die. They encounter a village of goblins on the way and engage them in battle. Hakozaki, who only slowed everyone down in battle before due to her lack of strength and resignation, finally finds her resolve and manages to slay a goblin on her own.


Kusue Hakozaki recalls how due to her illness she can't participate in PE and gets low scores at it. She decides to study medicine and create a drug that will heal her and her mother's illness. As they get saved by the knights and Yotsuya, seeing all the violence, she realizes that the violence which was meaningless for her until now had become the most vital skill for her survival.

The group decides to take a break for the night and Yūsuke Yotsuya cooks for everyone. After eating, Kahvel wants to start training them and Yotsuya explains to Yuka Tokitate that her training is hellish and out of 100 fights with handicap, he only beat her three times, but at one point he started using a real sword. Tokitate recalls how Kahvel gets happy as she could slice them as much as she wants and now realizes its a bad thing. Kahvel decides Tokitate is first and after her training, Tokitate comments that even though their pain sensation is 1/36th compared to the real world, it still hurt when she was being sliced up. Next is Hakozaki, who really wants to become stronger. As they continue their travel, they encounter a group of goblins and decide to take them on. Hakozaki accidentally ends up killing one, but bursts into tears for doing it.

At the camp, Hakozaki asks Kahvel why she enjoys slicing living flesh so much and Kahvel gets super excited and explains how good it feels. Kahvel then heads out to look for any other goblins. Yotsuya comments that Kahvel's father told him that while training her brother, he told him that best training is when you go against living opponents with real sword, but Yotsuya feels those words impressed her but she misheard it.

While traveling, they see in the distance a group being attacked by monsters and as there is a kid in the group, Hakozaki decides to help out, even if she needs to go alone. Yotsuya guesses that this may be an event and the group may also be heading towards Radodorbo. He proposes they split and they to continue on their way, while he and Hakozaki heads towards the group to help them. Getting closer, Yotsuya sees the monsters are Meri Kobolds and one of them is stronger than he and Hakozaki combined. They engage them, but are easily killed, however the survivors manage to kill one of the kobolds, leaving only two. Hakozaki revives first and gets one of the kobolds attention. As he runs towards her, she summons her longsword in the last moment and the kobolds gets stabbed on it. Yotsuya revives and sees the rest of the group arriving and calls the remaining kobolds, and as he gets close to the cart, Kahvel comes out and slices his head off.

The group explains they are soldiers of the Kingdom of Deokk and on the king's orders, they are transporting the heretics to Radodorbo. They explain the heretics violated a ban on the foreign religion known as Arteros and since Radodorbo is known for having the biggest group of Arteros followers, they are going to publicly execute them there. Yotsuya starts to wonder if they are the "goods" and if helping them would help them with the quest or fail it.