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The Ancient Ruins of Hosszu Banyazait Alagut is the sixth episode of the I'm Standing on a Million Lives (anime).


Yotsuya and the rest decide to travel with the people from the Kingdom of Deokk. They learn more about why the Kingdom of Deokk is fighting against the religion of Arteros and why they want to execute them in Radodorbo. However, when they reach a mountain, they are faced with a new set of challenges they need to cross to continue on their path.


Kahvel and Vice Corporal Kamilto from the Kingdom of Deokk, quickly get on each nerves, but Iu Shindo manages to calm them. The heroes discuss the situation and Yūsuke Yotsuya explains that if they lead them and let them be executed it may be looked like harming humans and fail the quest. The group decide to keep heading towards Radodorbo and will later decide if they should save the prisoners or not.

When they take a break for the night, Yotsuya requests to speak with one of the prisoners, Fofcel, a missionary. The man explains that he hopes at least the kid, Belili, to live. He explains that the Kingdom of Deokk is divided by citizens who worship the king and citizens who worship both the GOd and the king, a conflict arise and it continued for long leading to prohibition of the religion and execution of its believers. Yotsuya then asks Kamilto why are they going to Radodorbo to execute them. Kamilto explains that those people came from the continent of Illa and they want to stop others from coming and since Radodorbo is the gateway to this continent, they want to set the example there to prevent people from spreading in the continent. Kamilto explains that the king Deokk V, didn't abandon the veteran soldiers and war orphans and gave them slaves and will continue to conquer to unify the continent and help its people. Tokitate doesn't find that as a "good" king and states she dislikes dictatorship and its like bullying. Kamilto gets angry, however Yotsuya manages to calm him down.

They reach a mountain and Kamilto explains it will take them seven days to cross it, but there is a shortcut. They decide to use it and enter the mountain which has a big mechanism. While waiting to activate it, Kamilto betrays them and closes the door behind them, leaving them no choice but to continue the newly opened path. On the way, they see large swinging hammers on the pathway and Yotsuya sees some pillars. Checking the symbols, he figures it out and rotates the pillars causing the hammers to stop, allowing them to cross safely. Next ahead there is path with a wall on the side, however Yotsuya gets careless and the wall pushes him down a hole. He informs the rest to continue, while he tries to find a way out by his own. Hakozaki manages to figure out how the wall pushing mechanism works and their timings and they manage to cross.

The group reaches the middle of the mountain and sees a larger arena-like place. They see monsters on the wall on the other side and Kahvel recognizes them as gargoyles, a man-made monsters that if you mummify by removing their body fluids, will allow them to move even after a thousands of years. One of them then gets fluids injected in it and reactivates.