The Warrior of Light and the Stranger of Darkness is the seventh episode of the I'm Standing on a Million Lives (anime).

Summary[edit | edit source]

Yotsuya manages to escape the hole and continue. The party faces a gargoyle and Kahvel attempts to fight it, but loses and receives a severe injury. Shindo manages to level up and get a new job and succeeds in defeating the gargoyle. Yotsuya reaches them to see the end of their fight and starts healing Kahvel.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Using his knife, Yūsuke Yotsuya carve holes into the walls and starts climbing. He falls dozen of times and while climbing recalls his time when he transferred into a new school and how lonely he was. Eventually he manages to climb up. Continuing on the path, he sees a log point and checking it, he sees the group saying their farewells to the now deceased warrior Bihmsberg. He finds Bihmsberg's body and recalls some moments he had with him like pushing the cart and eating together. He says his farewells and continues on the path.

Meanwhile, the group fights off some vampire bats and face the gargoyle. They see a key on its arm and realize they need it to continue. Iu Shindo easily hits the flying bats and Kahvel congratulate her on her skills with Shindo explaining its due to tennis sport she is playing. Kahvel encourages she to continue to play tennis and Shindo agrees, but in that moment, she sees the gargoyle piercing Kahvel and she falls of the platform into the water. The gargoyle then turns his eyes on Shindo and as she steps back in fear, she steps and kills a bat, which levels her up to rank 10. The Game Master pauses the game and congratulates her on reaching rank 10 and allow her to switch jobs. Shindo recalls what Yotsuya said that as the game freezes and until the Game Master restarts it, you get a few seconds where you can get closer to your enemy. As she gets Warrior (Sword) job, before the game restarts she rushes at the gargoyle and manages to hit him, but is unable to cut him. The gargoyle hits her back and almost causes her to fall off the platform. Shindo sees a cut on the gargoyle and realizes Kahvel made it. She recalls her training and how she should aim at locations that can cause fatal wounds or instant death. Facing it, the gargoyle cuts her hand that holds the sword, but Shindo manages to get on his back and grab her arm with the sword and pierce his heart from the neck.

Yotsuya finally reaches the group and sees they have defeated a gargoyle. He learns about Kahvel and immediately jumps into the water to save her and later heals her wound continuously using the gargoyles blood to regain MP. Kahvel later wakes up and learns what happened. Yotsuya had passed out since then and is still sleeping. She decides to kiss him, but the other girls end up seeing her. Kahvel wonders if any of the girls had "claimed" him, but they all decline. Kahvel explains he reminds her of herself as he tries to find himself and what is capable. She also explains they have rank numbers in her country and her rank is 70th, while her brothers and father are in the 20s and she feels average. The main reason she is on the journey with them is because she wants to cut some flesh, although her father told her that one real battle equals 10,000 practice swings, which she interpenetrate as her father telling her to cut living flesh.

Yotsuya finally wakes up and states he got it all wrong. He explains that the their third quest was to fulfill the village chief request, but it didn't specify which village and which chief, so any village and chief was fine. Shindo's first quest was to defeat a goblin, no matter what or which and second was to find two settlements, again not specifying any particular ones. Yotsuya then believes anything you can specify as "goods" will count for completing their quest. And with the prisoners, no one is expecting them to come so they are not really delivering them to someone, so he doesn't believe they are the "goods", although comments they still may be considered and wonders what they should do. Yotsuya decides they need to split up.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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