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"Non-Player Killer" is the eighth episode of the I'm Standing on a Million Lives (anime).


After escaping the cave, the party splits into two teams, with one pursuing the Deokk soldiers and the other searching for ways to complete their quest. The team of Yotsuya, Tokitate, and Kahvel catches up to Kamilto and his men, but if they jump straight into battle, it could cause a war to break out between Deokk and Kahvel's homeland of Cortonel.


Yotsuya tells everyone that they should split up in two groups and tells that first group will save the prisoners and other group will look for cargo. But he tells that their is one problem that they are not completely sure what the game master ment from goods , everyone agrees with Yotsuya and then Shindo ask which group will they split into. The first team is of Yotsuya, Tokitate, and Kahvel(B) which will catch Kamilto and his men and other group of Shindo, Makuah and Kusuae(A) will complete the quest.

Sindo tells Kusuae that if they stick to the road they can easily escort some merchants and complete the quest . Yuka thinks in her mind why she is in team "B" as it is more dangerous work then that of team "A". Kahabell tells Kusuae that the best option is to ambush and kill them but she has a concern of a routine communication system,Yotsuya agrre with her . Kahabell also thinks that if they fail it can cause war and their army is far less than that and they will lose if it happens. Yotsuya decides to show them despair and makes a plan . Finally team "B" caught up to their target and decides to start their ambush plan from tommorow. Yuka at night tells Yotsuya that she is impressed by the way he makes plan and tell that he acts like evil instead of a hero.Yuka ask Yotsuya that do you think this is virtual world or reality to which Yotsuya tells he is not sure , after that she tells him if someone kiss you in this virtual world how will he think to which Yotsuya tells it may be real exp.