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The Game Master is a mysterious entity from the future in I'm Standing on a Million Lives.


The Game Master is a tall person with masculine features and half a face. What is made up of is face is a nose, thick lips, and a cleft chin. Overall, their body is well toned and muscular, and his nipples and genitalia are covered by handprints and a star respectively.

Appearing in the real world, the Game Master has the appearance of a young bug-catching girl with long dark hair and eyes. They wear a dress tank top, a long skirt, and sandals.


The Game Master doesn't have much of a personality. He explains quest related information to players in a didactic manner.

He speaks in a strange fashion, only finishing half of the last word of every one of his sentences.

A strange masculine figure that talks about the rule of the world and give jog and orders but with a meaningful existence. The other side of his character is a teacher of life. When The Game Master questioned how Yotsuya feels about the murder Yotsuya committed, he gives another quest for Yotsuya and questioned him again. The Game Master allows the player do his/her task in wrong/truth that allows the player to reflect on his/her way of accomplishing a quest/s. Where does YOUR justice lies in?