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Iu Shindo (新堂衣宇) is one of the main characters of I'm Standing on a Million Lives.


Shindo has long blonde hair and brown eyes.

In school, she wears a beige sweater over a white dress shirt, a short plaid skirt, and shoes. Her gorgeous looks have had her scouted to be a model.


Although she comes off as a typical gyaru, she's kind and understanding. She has nothing particularly planned for her future. However, she plans on attending the Moro Scientific Highschool.


One day she gets transferred to another world and Game Master gives her a job and quest. She somehow manages to complete her quest which was to kill a goblin. The Game Master then allows her to ask a question and she asks him why was she chosen to which the Game Master explains someone who knew her proposed her.

Later the Game Master makes her become friends with Kusue Hakozaki and she gets transferred in the other world with her. They get a new quest needing them to find two settlements and they manage to do it. Thinking about their third member, they discuss the possibility of Yūsuke Yotsuya and late the Game Master asks them to remain in the same room with him. On the day he was in charge of cleaning the chalkboard, they stay in the room with him and are teleported together to the other world. The girls are happy that they finally got a boy with them and hope he ends up being a warrior, but he ends up being a Farmer, which disappoints them. Their new quest is to find the village chief and fulfill his request, but on their way there, Shindo gets eaten by a troll and can't revive. Later they find the quest is to kill that troll and Hakozaki also gets eaten, but Yotsuya somehow manages and frees them. Working together, he creates an opening for Shindo and asks her to directly blow wind in the troll head and as she does, she manages to kill it.

Abilities & Skills[]

Wizard (Wind) Rank 10[]

Shindo's first job is a Wizard (Wind), allowing her to use wind magic and create winds.

Warrior (Sword) Rank 10[]

During the fight with the gargoyle, Shindo manages to reach rank 10 with her Wizard job and obtains Warrior (Sword) job. Being able to wield a sword and having been trained by Kahvel, she manages to defeat the gargoyle.

Warrior (Spear)[]

Shindo's third job is a Warrior (Spear). She gained it in her 10 days travel from Woodhut to Iharnemore, during the Round 6 quest(chapter26).



  • The name Iu means "clothing, garment" (衣) (i) and "eaves, roof, house, heaven" (宇) (u).
  • Iu's surname Shindo means "fresh, new" (新) (shin) and "hall" (堂) (do).


Voice actors[]

  • Japanese: Risa Kubota
  • English: Jeannie Tirado
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Carol Albuquerque