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Kahabell is a former knight in I'm Standing on a Million Lives.


Kahabell has long light hair in a single braid and light-colored eyes. As a knight, she wears a suit of armor and carries on her person a sword and shield.


Ready to force justice no matter the common sense with her indomitable spirit, Kahabell actions reflect that of a truly fanatical knight. She's also known to be rather sadistic as she enjoys the sensation of cutting flesh of living things.


Kahabell enters the martial arts tournament in Cortonel and faces Yusuke Yotsuya in the first round. She defeats him in five seconds, but is glad that he revived. She ends up winning the tournament and Yotsuya asks if she can give him the award, the three horses if he helps with her something. She proposes he help her kill some trolls, but finding one will take a while. Yotsuya realizes he can sell the bandits location who took Shindo, Hakozaki and Tokitate, but that only earns him one horse.

The knights prepare to head for the bandits camp, but as there is still time, she proposes to train Yotsuya with the sword, as she seems new to it. Even with handicap, she easily beats him 97 of the 100 times they sparred. Heading for the bandits camp, she engages the bandits. They release a berserker and Kahabell gets super excited to be able to slice a berserker. However, the berserker proves to be a worthy opponent, but with Yotsuya's help, she manages to see an opening and cut the berserker head. Saving the girls, she offers them to come with them to escort them to Radodorbo, but in exchange they will give her their horse and she will train them with the sword. The heroes agree, which makes Kahabell happy as knowing they can revive, she can slice them as much as she can.

She did not manage to confess her feelings to Yotsuya and kept it in her heart while bidding them farewell.

Between the 4th and 5th mission, she joined the 22 allied nations' army to fight against Deokk, serving three campaigns and killing more than 30 soldiers before giving birth to her first child. Learning how hard it is to raise a child, she lost her edge and hesitated to swing her sword for a moment, losing her right hand from an enemy that forced her to retire. 15 years after the fourth mission, along with her six and seven year old daughters, she met Yotsuya's group once again. Informing them about the war that happened and the consequences of their decisions 15 years ago. The night before the heroes leave the City of Cortonel, She thanked Yotsuya for the memories of youth she had with him, and told him her true feelings 15 years ago before bidding her last farewell with a kiss.

17 years after the 5th mission, the Heroes went back to Cortonel but only met Kahabell's 2nd daughter (now 23 years old). They were informed that Kahabell had already passed away and we're guided to her tomb. As thanks for helping Kahabell in the past, the daughter gave them information about their 6th mission.



Kahabell is a skilled swordswoman. Although she finds herself average as she only ranks 70th in her country from 3000 knights.



Yusuke Yotsuya[]

When a shocked Kahabell woke up in the carriage and learned about Yusuke's efforts to save her from the mortal stab wound she got from fighting the guardian in the cavern, she carefully kissed her unconscious savior. She was then caught by the surprised Shindo, Hakozaki, and Tokitate, proceeding to ask if somebody had already claimed him, the three of them shaking their heads.

After time skip, kahabell confesses her feelings to him.


  • Kahabell's desire to cut flesh comes from a misunderstanding of her father's words. He had told her brother that a real battle is worth more than 10,000 practice swings with the sword, but she misunderstood that instead of practicing, she needs to cut more flesh.
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