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Keita Torii (鳥井 啓太, Torii Keita) is one of the main characters of I'm Standing on a Million Lives.


Keita has blonde hair and hazel colored eyes.

In his initial appearance, he wore a dark-colored tracking suit.


Aggressive as well as insularly determined, Keita cares for his younger brother Shuji and his mother.


The introduction of Keita Torri kicks off with the game master who takes the form of a little girl in our world instructing Yuusuke about the new member or a new player's addition to their group for which she takes him to a Chinese restaurant. The plot begins with an ex-gang drug dealer who gave up on drug dealing thus, betraying and that Keita Torri would be the one murdering him as he was tricked into this by a certain man who will never get caught regardless. Keita was forced to listen to that man as her mom took an amount of debt from that person and was unable to repay making Keita and his brother to obey to whatever the man commanded. The game master informs Yuusuke that he had 20 seconds to stop the murder from happening and informs that the new player's name is Keita Torri. Yuusuke ends up saving Keita which makes him use his other world's wizard ability in the process which was directed by the game master and now he's one among the members of the heroes group. All of them enter the parallel universe and Keita gets a chance on his Job Roulette in which he gets to be an Axe warrior hero. The first task of Keita with the others is instructed by the game master which is to 'Offer the Jiffon Buffo at Väikadamania'. The heroes successfully complete the task and when the turn for getting a chance to ask a question related to the game comes up to the new player , Keita asks about the dragon bishop and what were they trying to achieve, to which the game master responds to 'resurrect the dragon'.

Skills & Abilities[]

  • Spear Warrior[2] (Rank 13[3] → 10)
  • Axe Warrior (Rank 1)[4]



  • The name Keita means "open, begin" (啓) (kei) and "thick, big" (太) (ta).
  • Keita's surname Torii means "bird, poultry, fowl" (鳥) (tori) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).



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