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Kusue Hakozaki (箱崎 紅末, Hakozaki Kusue) is one of the main characters of I'm Standing on a Million Lives.


Kusue has purplish red hair and dark brown eyes.

Her school wear attire consists of a dark brown jacket over a white dress shirt, a plaid bow, a matching color short skirt, and shoes.


Due to being born with a weak constitution from a chronic disease, Kusue is very self-conscious about herself and her weight. She has displayed courage in the face of imminent danger, but right after she became scared and did run away. In the far future, Kusue hopes to attend a famous college for its medical department.


Having an illness, Kusue is unable to participate in PE and usually just sits. One day Iu Shindo asked her to be friends and soon along with Shindo, they are transferred in a new world. She gets the job of a Warrior, but being physically weak, she can't even lift her sword. They get a quest to discover two settlements and they manage to do it. She then gets to ask the Game Master a question and asks him from where he came and he explains its from the future.

Skills & Abilities[]

Warrior (Sword)[]

Kusue has the Warrior job, allowing her to use swords. She lacks strength to even lift the long sword, but with Kahvel training, she got a bit better in using a sword.Though she is scared to use it to hurt others. Being Fucking Useless

Being Fucking Useless



  • The name Kusue means "crimson, deep red" (紅) (ku) and "end, close, tip, powder, posterity" (末) (sue).
  • Kusue's surname Hakozaki means "box" (箱) (hako) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki).


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