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Troll is a type of monster with a huge horn on the middle of the head.


Trolls are humongous creatures with a single horn on its forehead, flappy ears, and a pointed nose.


Trolls are not very inteeligent monsters .They have carnivorous appetites and when provoked, they'll chase their prey for long distances. They have a simplistic attack pattern that can easily be dodged if you move in the opposite direction they jump in.


Trolls are very strong monsters but they can't run very fast due to having big body size. To chase their targets they mainly jump.

  • Immense Strength:They are very powerfull able to easily kill any human being .
  • Immense Durability:Even after getting injured and his stomach sevearely damaged it was able to still fight showing its immense Durability.
  • Immense Stamina:Despite of his large size it was able to rapidly jump over and over again showing its immense stamina .