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Yūsuke Yotsuya (四谷 友助, Yotsuya Yūsuke) is the main character of I'm Standing on a Million Lives series.


Yotsuya in his School Uniform

Yūsuke is depicted as a male standing at 5'7 and a half feet with black hair, brown eyes, and a smooth jaw line.

Initially, Yūsuke is shown to wear a white school shirt, black pants, and white school shoes. As a farmer, he has a loose blue shirt held together by a black belt, as well as two black sweat bands, with shaded white pants, and some brown boots.


The beginning of the series portrays Yūsuke as a selfish social outcast. He claims to hate Tokyo and all the people who live there. At the same time, due to his disinterest in real life, he often spends his time playing video games and does not care much about studies or non existent social relationships. However, Yusuke does not usually express such thoughts, instead he normally acts like any other average teenager putting on a friendly facade.

Despite often being selfish, Yūsuke seems to respect those who work harder than him, and are willing to do what he can't/doesn't want to. For instance Iu Shindo and Kusue Hakozaki, in either example Yūsuke respected both of them because they were working harder than him and ultimately do everything to help them.

Often times he proves to be quite intelligent and calculating and cold, acting rationally and logically. He is the type of person who is willing to make sacrifices if it means achieving the set objective. This can be shown in episode 3 when Yūsuke is faced with the decision to either save Shindou or complete the objective. He of course choose to complete the objective.

Yusuke's dark nature

Hakozaki has mentioned that he has a somewhat dark personality, and according to Yuka despite being a "hero" he is quite cruel. This is backed up when to comply with the Game Master's request, he tried to save Yuka from being bullied and destroyed the cell phones of each of the bullies without hesitation and later clarifies that he is willing to hit a woman if necessary. Later, in the luggage arc, Yusuke devised a tactic to kill one of the enemies and psychologically destroy the remaining ones only to make them feel the same anguish and suffering that they had caused.

Despite his hatred for people, after killing a person for the first time and learning that it was a real person, Yusuke felt quite traumatized and regretful, but he also seems to have a somewhat twisted perspective on human life, as each one has a different value according to him, and there are people who are so useless that they deserve to die.

Skills & Abilities[]

Farmer Rank 10[]

Yusuke's starting class, which allows him to wield sickle and hoe and gain knowledge about edible plants, as well as basic farming techniques.

Chef Rank 10[]

Obtained in round 3 (Ch:1), after surpassing rank 10 as a Farmer. Gains knowledge of all common beasts and all monsters below rank B, methods for cooking them and kitchen tools like a knife and a chopper for weapons.

Wizard (Creature) Rank 10[]

Obtained in round 4 (Ch:4) after reaching the Chef's 10th rank. Ability to use creature magic to speed up or slow down the cellular metabolism of creatures through direct contact. He can also increase or decrease the persuasiveness of his own words and actions. Example: Commanding: Stop, Increase Metabolism, Interrogation.

Blacksmith Rank 10[]

Obtained in round 5 (Ch:15). Gains knowledge on leather crafting and iron forging. Weapons include hammer and chisel.

Wizard (Heat) Rank 10[]

Obtained Wizard Heat in round 6 of the story.

Thief Rank 10[]

Obtained in round 6 (Ch:43), after killing Giant Mantis Queen. Weapon dual dagger. Abilities currently unknown.

Hunter Rank 10[]

Obtained in round 7 (Ch:62), during Mimic Conquest killing Mimics body parts.

Socerer (Creature) Rank 7[]

Obtained in round 7 (Ch:64) during Mimic Conquest killing Mimics body parts. Same set of magic as (Creature) Wizard. Ability to use creature magic to speed up or slow down the cellular metabolism of creatures through direct contact. He can also increase or decrease the persuasiveness of his own words and actions. Example: Hiding presence.


Farming Hoe - has been used to dig deep holes


After explaining to him about the world and that they need to complete a quest of fulfilling the village elder's request in the nearby village to return to the normal world, the game master vanishes and the heroes head out. They find a group of goblins, but Yotsuya is too weak to fight them and easily dies, however he revives in 30 seconds. Taking note of that rule, he keeps fighting them and finally manages to kill some and level up. Iu Shindo explains that as long as all three of them don't die at the same time, they will always revive. However on their way to the village, Shindo gets eaten by a troll and is unable to revive. Yotsuya and Hakozaki reach the village, but learn their quest is to defeat that troll. As Hakozaki is too weak, Yotsuya leaves her in the village and heads to the forest to level up, but eventually sees Hakozaki had died as well and the village is under attack.Yotsuya runs back to the village and notices Hakozaki's respawn counter has stopped and deduces she was eaten as well. Yotsuya tries to fight the troll himself without dying. He figures out the troll's attack pattern and manages to level to rank 10 and gain a new class, Chef. Using his new skills, he manages to open the troll's stomach and save Shindo and Hakozaki and using group effort they manage to defeat the troll. He is shown in the manga to be hanging around with his friends Chen Ye Xue like any other boys around his age after a sudden allocation for his parents job for multiples time which causes him to lose interest in those around him.


  • The name Yūsuke means "friend, companion, pal" (友) () and "help, rescue, assist" (助) (suke).
  • Yūsuke's surname Yotsuya means "four" (四) (yotsu) and "valley" (谷) (ya).


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