I'm Standing on a Million Lives Wiki

Skills & Abilities[]

Farmer Rank 10[]

Yusuke's Farming Appearance.

Yusuke's starting class, which allows him to wield sickle and hoe and gain knowledge about edible plants, as well as basic farming techniques.

Chef Rank 10[]

Obtained in round 3 (Ch:1), after surpassing rank 10 as a Farmer. Gains knowledge of all common beasts and all monsters below rank B, methods for cooking them and kitchen tools like a knife and a chopper for weapons.

Wizard (Creature) Rank 10[]

Obtained in round 4 (Ch:4) after reaching the Chef's 10th rank. Ability to use creature magic to speed up or slow down the cellular metabolism of creatures through direct contact. He can also increase or decrease the persuasiveness of his own words and actions.

Blacksmith Rank 10[]

Obtained in round 5 (Ch:15). Gains knowledge on leather crafting and iron forging. Weapons include hammer and chisel.

Wizard (Heat) Rank 10[]

He Obtained Wizard Heat in round 6 of the story

Thief Rank 8[]

Obtained in round 6 (Ch:43), after killing Giant Mantis Queen. Weapon dual dagger. Abilities currently unknown.


Farming Hoe - has been used to dig deep holes