History[edit | edit source]

After explaining to him about the world and that they need to complete a quest of fulfilling the village elder's request in the nearby village to return to the normal world, the game master vanishes and the heroes head out. They find a group of goblins, but Yotsuya is too weak to fight them and easily dies, however he revives in 30 seconds. Taking note of that rule, he keeps fighting them and finally manages to kill some and level up. Iu Shindo explains that as long as all three of them don't die at the same time, they will always revive. However on their way to the village, Shindo gets eaten by a troll and is unable to revive. Yotsuya and Hakozaki reach the village, but learn their quest is to defeat that troll. As Hakozaki is too weak, Yotsuya leaves her in the village and heads to the forest to level up, but eventually sees Hakozaki had died as well and the village is under attack.Yotsuya runs back to the village and notices Hakozaki's respawn counter has stopped and deduces she was eaten as well. Yotsuya tries to fight the troll himself without dying. He figures out the troll's attack pattern and manages to level to rank 10 and gain a new class, Chef. Using his new skills, he manages to open the troll's stomach and save Shindo and Hakozaki and using group effort they manage to defeat the troll. He is shown in the manga to be hanging around with his friends Chen Ye Xue like any other boys around his age after a sudden allocation for his parents job for multiples time which causes him to lose interest in those around him.

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